Gears Transmissions has a skilled staff that can handle all sorts of different auto repairs.

Our auto technicians know your vehicle as well as the dealers do. Bring your car or truck in and let us do the repair work for less. From oil changes to Brakes from tune ups to AC repairs, we offer a complete car care services.

Free estimates on all work

Free check engine light

10% senior discounts , 10% military discounts, 10% student discount

Oil changes $19.95 (up to 4 qts) and up
It’s important to take good care of your car – they’re not cheap and that’s why you want to keep them running smoothly as long as possible! Gears Transmissions offers oil changes to do just that. Changing your oil regularly will help prevent additional issues and that saves you money!

Brake services $99.00 per axle plus rotors
Having working brakes is essential. It will guarantee your vehicle to work efficiently – protecting the vehicle, passengers, and others on the road. It is important to check your brakes to prevent expensive repairs and putting yourself in danger! Every 12,00 miles it is recommended to get your brakes inspected so stop by today!

Tune up $129.00 plus parts
A strong and working engine are what gives your car power. Gears Transmissions will inspect all your parts to keep them working or replace them if needed. A working engine provides a smoother start up and brings back any lost power.

Transmission Services starting $49.95
Your transmission is what brings life to your car. Over time however, the special liquid that keeps your gears lubricated begins to loose its quality. Regularly changing the fluid help prevent any damage or wear. Gears Transmissions will replace your fluid with new to keep your car running like new!

AC free diagnostics price will vary
If you are having issues with your AC Gears transmissions will run a diagnostic test including inspection or the compressor drive belt, look for leaks, remove refrigerant from the system and much more. By making sure all your components are working well will help keep your car cool on a hot sunny day.